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Hi, we are Sarah and Iv. It´s nice that you came to visit. We both grew up with Videogames and over the years developed a curiosity how they are made. This is what we want to find out with our project openindie.

It is our goal, to give independent developers / indie studios a platform to share their stories and how they overcame the challenges while developing. Do they get support from their countries?

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#28 – CATASTROPHIC_OVERLOAD – Bish Bash Bots – James Letherby – UK openindie – An indie dev Podcast

In this exciting episode of openindie, join us for an one-on-one interview with James Letherby, co-founder of CATASTROPHIC_OVERLOAD, an indie game dev studio located in Bristol, UK.Discover the fascinating journey of CATASTROPHIC_OVERLOAD, co-founded by James Letherby and Josh Burr, as James shares their passion for crafting captivating co-op experiences. Learn about their creation "Drink More Glurp," which was released in August 2020 during the pandemic as a unique co-op adventure.James gives us an insider's look into the upcoming release, "Bish Bash Bots," a fusion of casual tower defense and intense brawling action that promises an adrenaline-pumping delight and co-op fun.Join us as James shares his personal journey into game programming, the challenges he faced, and the triumphs that fueled his dedication to creating unforgettable gaming experiences.As always, have fun listening 🙂If you want to find more info's about this game and our previous guests, visit us at www.openindie.eu and tell your friends (and also your enemies) about us to help our little indie podcast grow.
  1. #28 – CATASTROPHIC_OVERLOAD – Bish Bash Bots – James Letherby – UK
  2. 27 – Favorites of 2022 and 2023 Wishlist – with Ben Sarah and iV
  3. #26.2 – #DHHAN22 – Red Potion Studios – Ada Quest
  4. #26.1 – #DHHAN22 – Zoroarts – Makis Adventure
  5. #25 – Evil Licorice – Retro Gadgets – Luca Marchetti, Marco Bancale, Marco Di Timoteo – ITALY & ICELAND
  6. #24 – Bippinbits – Dome Keeper – Rene – Germany
  7. #23.20 – GAMESCOM 2022 – Awaceb – France
  8. #23.21 – GAMESCOM 2022 – D-Pad Studio – Norway
  9. #23.19 – GAMESCOM 2022 – We Dig Games – Poland
  10. #23.18 – GAMESCOM 2022 – Backwoods Entertainment – Germany

Games we played and talked about

This are the games we have covered in one of our Episodes and that we can recommend 100 % if you haven´t played them yet. If you are interested in more info´s about the developer and share your opinion on it, just click on the cover of the game. We would love to know how you liked the game.

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