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Hi, we are Sarah and Iv. It´s nice that you came to visit. We both grew up with Videogames and over the years developed a curiosity how they are made. This is what we want to find out with our project openindie.

It is our goal, to give independent developers / indie studios a platform to share their stories and how they overcame the challenges while developing. Do they get support from their countries?

Stay a while and listen…

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#18 – Dude, Where Is My Beer – Arik Zurabian – Norway openindie

  1. #18 – Dude, Where Is My Beer – Arik Zurabian – Norway
  2. #17 – godolphin games – Unknown Number A First Person Talker – Thomas Keane – England
  3. #16 – openindie 2021 Favorites and 2022 Wishlist – with Ben, Sarah and iV
  4. #15 – Appnormals Team – Frank and Drake – Inaki Diaz – Spain
  5. #14 – DigixArt – Road 96 – Alicia Magistrello – France
  6. #3.50 You now can support us on Patreon. We need about three fiddy.
  7. #13 – Eremite Games – Against the Storm – Łukasz Korzanowski – Poland
  8. #12 – Carry Castle – Source of Madness – Per Fornander – Sweden
  9. #11 – Enodo Games – The Architect Paris – Raphaël Reynes – France
  10. #10 – Draw Distance – Serial Cleaners – Jacek Głowacki and Krzysztof Szczudłowski – Poland

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You are an indie developer and want to tell your story? Great! We would like to hear it. Just write us a few lines on Twitter (@openindie_eu), join our Discord and upvote us on Reddit. We speak German and English so feel free to write us in either one of those. Want to support what we do? Become a Patreon!

Our Guests so far

A big THANK YOU for sharing your stories and creating some seriously awesome Games. We are looking forward to your next releases! Clicking on the respective Logo will open a Tab to the Developers Homepage for further info’s.

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Games we played and talked about

This are the games we have covered in one of our Episodes and that we can recommend 100 % if you haven´t played them yet. If you are interested in more info´s about the developer and share your opinion on it, just click on the cover of the game. We would love to know how you liked the game.